Blue Bottle Coffee

As the head of content strategy for the digital product team at Blue Bottle Coffee (2014-2015), I not only helped build web-based experiences like Blue Bottle at Home, our subscription service, but also physical products, like the design of our Oji Japanese-Style Drip Coffee bottles and re-animating our New Orleans Iced Coffee (NOLA for short). I was recruited by Virginia Bauman, the CEO of Tonx, to creatively and strategically launch new products and re-animate existing ones. 

I plugged the gaps in PR, marketing, merchandising/retail, design, and customer experience. Instameets were planned across LA, SF, and NYC. We collaborated with bands like Alvvays and made sure all of the bands on Polyvinyl Records were happily caffeinated. We teamed up with brands like APOLIS, Patagonia, GAP, Mr. Kate, Create + Cultivate, Hipcamp (we brewed Aeropress coffee for 100 campers in a field in the Hudson Valley!), SoulCycle and more. We were merry-makers fueled by coffee and really, really good pastries from Tartine

I'm proud to say that every single email created during my tenure was signed, sealed, and delivered with surprise and delight (I would have made sure every email smelled like piping hot coffee, but that tech doesn't exist yet).