My hair's a lot longer now.

Photo by Jonathan Saunders

I'm a copywriter, editor, recovering journalist, and brand consultant. I do all of these things while being left-handed.

It takes the average person at least 1.5 years to notice that I am a lefty (we make up 15% of the general population), unless they are also a southpaw. According to one study, my lifespan is nine years fewer than that of a right-handed individual so please make haste and contact me if you'd like to commission some work or collaborate on a project. Left-handed types are also more likely to be geniuses (20% of all MENSA members report being lefthanded!) so you're basically guaranteed to get some AMAZING work from me.*

Please ignore the section on this infographic that says left-handed folks are three times more likely to be heavy drinkers; I prefer Dr. Pepper and bagel breakfast sandwiches as my vices. 

I love a perfectly-placed word or ampersand, strive to tell the best stories, and always try to use my creative powers for good. 



*In the off-chance that you've scrutinized the claims I've made above, 15% of the world is left-handed, and the MENSA figure is only 5% greater than that statistic... so my legal team says that I'm allowed to say that it's only slightly more probable that you'll get genius-level work when you hire me.