My hair's a lot longer now. 

Photo by Jonathan Saunders

I am here to win hearts and minds. I do this best when I believe in what I am building and when I know that the problems that I'm creatively solving impact real human beings, not 0.0001% of an entitled segment that just wants another silly app to do something mindless for them, like be the Uber or Airbnb or Apple of say, toilets. Pro tip: Don't try and be that. 

I'm a digital brand and product strategist, copywriter and quick-witted editor, recovering journalist, and brand consultant for everyone from early-stage startups trying to land seed funding or their Series A all the way up to big Fortune 500 companies that are trying to figure out what the internets are all about and what the hell a meme is.

Whether it's a new or updated brand voice, content strategy, UX/UI and site design, mobile app, new product launch, marketing strategy, brand partnerships or business development (I love making new friends and creating alliances between crazy-smart companies and people) or something completely different, I can handle it. I also have a ready and willing team of creative freelancers who back me up in the design, copy, creative, marketing, and strategy department as needed. Imagine the original Ghostbusters lineup, but with way more women and diversity and way fewer Stay-Puft Marshmallow Men running around wrecking everything in sight. It's kinda like that. 

If you can be completely honest about what your company is trying to do and why it isn't working (or why it failed spectacularly in the past) and you're willing to take creative risks, then we should talk

I do all of these things while being left-handed.

It takes the average person at least 1.5 years to notice that I am a lefty (we make up 15% of the general population), unless they are also a southpaw. According to one study, my lifespan is nine years fewer than that of a right-handed individual so please make haste and contact me if you'd like to commission some work or collaborate on a project. Left-handed types are also more likely to be geniuses (20% of all MENSA members report being lefthanded!) so you're basically guaranteed to get some AMAZING work from me.*

Please ignore the section on this infographic that says left-handed folks are three times more likely to be heavy drinkers; I prefer Dr. Pepper and bagel breakfast sandwiches as my vices. 

I love a perfectly-placed word or ampersand, strive to tell the best stories, and always try to use my creative powers for good.

Drop me a line and let's go save the world, one story at at time. 



*In the off-chance that you've scrutinized the claims I've made above, 15% of the world is left-handed, and the MENSA figure is only 5% greater than that statistic... so my legal team says that I'm allowed to say that it's only slightly more probable that you'll get genius-level work when you hire me.